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Earthen Step is a small family-owned and -run business up in the Great Woods of Northern New Hampshire.  We are dedicated to making superior quality products by using choice ingredients and sound practices.  We fine tune our inventions and only sell you phenomenal products.  We have a passion for what we do and share our discoveries with you in hopes to create a better life for all of us.


We truly wish we lived in a monetary-less society where we could all live our passions and share with others.  We would love to give all of this away, but we cannot.  It started out that way, with us giving all of our creations to family and friends.  The level of excitement exploded into something unsustainable financially.  We decided to take it to the next level and create a business.


We hope to expand this business into something that can sustain our family.  This is many peoples dreams -- to sustain their life with something they love to do.  This is a long-term goal.  At this point we are doing no advertisements and have no plans to do so.  This entire operation is using word of mouth and social networking to spread.  If you love these products please share with your loved ones -- they deserve it!  We love hearing from you.  Feel free to contact us at any time and we will get back to you promptly.


We started off with cold process soap and became addicted quickly.  The first bars that we made were very mediocre compared to what is being sold on this website.  But, those first bars blew away any soap you can find at your local super-market.  They were even superior to many handmade soaps we have tried since then.  We seemed to have a knack for this “hobby.”  After hundreds of bars we have refined our recipes and only share the best.


These bars are very gentle and have unique scents and attributes.  Many people have told us they don't need to use lotion anymore after using this soap.  They are very gentle on the skin and help your skin mantle get in balance with itself -- they are also very great at cleaning the most dirty of skin.  Most soap out there is too harsh and many aren’t even true soap, just chemical detergents.  These harsh chemicals strip your skin and replace it with nothing.  The bars we sell leave behind high-quality vegetable oils such as: olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm oil, avocado oil -- see individual product pages for all the ingredients used.  We do this by “superfatting” our soaps which leaves 5% or more of the oils behind after saponification.


Saponification is the process of fatty acids (we use vegetable oils/butters) reacting to a strong alkaline (we use sodium hydroxide).  This reaction takes place, turning the oil/lye mixture into various salts and glycerin.  The salt is what cleans your skin and glycerin moisturizes. All of the moisturizing glycerin is left in the soap -- commercial soaps strip this out and sells it to be used in other cosmetics/lotions.  The extra oils that are left behind from the superfatting condition the skin and help replenish your skin's protection barrier.


We only use nature-made ingredients to color and scent our bars.  The only synthetic we use is sodium hydroxide, and it is of food-grade quality.  We use vegetable oils and butters, clays, mud, leaf powders and other natural ingredients.  We list every ingredient used on each product page.

A short comment about our prices.  In the beginning we decided we wanted to make as high quality of soaps as we could.  We started off with non-organic and some of the oils were merely "cosmetic grade."  Over time we shifted to more and more certified organic and "food grade."  We noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of the soap with this shift!  The soap smells richer and leaves the skin feeling very conditioned.  We are convinced that when people try out this soap they will think the price is very reasonable for the product.  It's also very long lasting being 22-40% larger than most soap out there.   Lumping all handcrafted soaps in one basket doesn't work because they differ so dramatically.  Like all things, you get what you pay for.


If you like our products please spread the word! We are dedicated to continuing in quality and have many plans for new exciting soaps and cosmetics.


With love from your friends at Earthen Step!


Fun Facts:

  • Our soap is packaged in 90% recycled and 10% banana fiber paper!

  • We use sustainable palm oil from RSPO certified farms instead of supporting a continued destruction of rainforests!

  • Our top selling bar is loaded with Dead Sea mud -– you can play in the mud while you shower!

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